I Just Need You // Zianourry (pt 10)

It had been two weeks since the insanity that had been that meet and greet. The boys had done a few more that had ended up in a similar fashion and that was when Liam drew the line. The night of the third Meet and greet  that had gone wrong he’d held a twit cam announcing that they’d be doing no more press or fan events until they could be ensured it was a safe environment. The boys didn’t like punishing the fans but after the chaos that had happened they had no other choice. It wasn’t safe for Niall and even when they didn’t bring him it hadn’t been safe. They couldn’t afford for something to happen to them. Niall and safety came first and if the fans couldn’t respect that then maybe they shouldn’t be around the fans at all anymore.

                Niall sat on the edge of his chair at dinner time picking at his food. He was getting frustrated because he could feel the tension in the room. The boy’s had some interviews tonight and since that wasn’t meet and greet with fans they decided maybe that would be ok. Though all of the fathers agreed tonight Niall needed to stay home, they couldn’t risk something happening to him. The question causing the tension was who was going to stay with Niall while they were gone.  Three out of four moms were out of the country  leaving only Liam’s mom and she hadn’t been feeling well lately which crossed her off the list.

                “What about Stan?” Louis suggested running his fingers through his feathery brown hair ruffling it slightly. No one really wanted to leave Niall home and that was what the problem was, the fans had been so crazy lately that they weren’t sure leaving Niall home with any one was a good idea but a group vote had decided that him being home was safer than him being with them.

                “I suppose, is he available?” Liam poked his peas around his plate. He had voted against this. He didn’t like leaving Niall. Especially when there were fans camped outside the house.

                “I’ll go call him now,” Pushing himself away from the table he kissed Niall on the top of the head and exited the room leaving three frustrated fathers and a very frustrated little Niall in the room.

                “I hate this,”  Harry stabbed his pea with his fork making an obnoxious clinking sound as he glared at his plate like that was going to change the situation.

                “me too, maybe we should just quit this whole thing,” Zayn huffed as he pushed his own dinner plate away from him. Two heads whipped towards him in shock. Was he suggesting what they think he was suggesting.

                “Maybe,”  Liam mumbled. “maybe we should, it’d be safer for Nialler then, Plus the fans were why we kept doing this,” he looked up confusion in his chocolate brown eyes. Zayn’s dark brown eyes mirrored his feelings but the soft green eyes at the end of the table held pain and uncertainty.

                “Think about it Haz, you could have your solo career, people still love you,” a small laugh fell from Zayn’s lips because really no matter what Harry did his fans still loved him. “Liam and I could start that studio we always wanted to run and Louis could be the stay at home dad he always dreamed of being.” Harry still looked wary.

                “Do you seriously not want to do this anymore?” Harry questioned pain evident in his voice and Zayn sighed and looked at Liam.

                “It’s not that I don’t love this Haz, it’s that I’m scared for Niall, I’m scared for us,” Liam scratched the back of his neck finally admitting what he’d been thinking for two weeks now. “You see the way the fans have gotten. They are threatening Niall’s life on twitter; I don’t know what to do,”

                “What if we just take a break? Like after the interviews tonight we just disappear off the map for a while?” He suggested as he held up a fork to Niall’s mouth to attempt to feed him because the little boy wasn’t eating and it had him all flustered. “We can run away to a cabin somewhere and just be the five of us for a while, can we do that please and after a month or two we’ll decide whether or not we are  going to give all this up.” He was practically begging.

                “Fine, but if tonight doesn’t go well styles you are going to have some major convincing to do if you want us to stay a band,” Zayn warned and Harry let out a sigh of relief turning his full attention back to Niall as Louis walked back into the room.

                “Stan’s on his way, I feel like I missed something important,” He rose an eyebrow at his lovers sitting back down in his spot at the table. They began to fill him in on the discussion they’d just had as Harry continued desperately to get Niall to eat some of his food.  Louis agreed with Liam and Zayn that maybe it was time they let their fame die but agreed that maybe they should give it a chance as well so he was all for the idea. And just like that it was settled. Depending on how tonight went, could mean the end of the band but they didn’t worry about that.


                Liam looked at  Stan and frowned. “He hasn’t eaten anything, so if he starts crying try giving him some fruit snacks and a bottle, he should be in bed before we get back, please call if anything happens,” He worried and Stan looked at Niall who was sitting on the floor lining his cars up in the corner of the room creating kind of a barrier between him and the rest of the living room.

                “it’s going to be fine li, I promise, right Nialler?”  The little blonde boy didn’t look up from what he was doing he needed to create some kind of safety for himself. The stress in his little body starting to build up and he didn’t like it.

                “Yeah, any way please don’t hesitate to call,” Louis reiterated his own anxiety creeping up. Stan gave his best friend a firm pat on the back and opened the door.

                “Get going or you are going to be late, Niall and I will be fine,” He received a small grunt as the rest of the boys filed out of the door shouting that they loved Niall as they filed into the car and left for the interview. “It’s just us bud, Can I help you with that?” He moved to sit next to Niall and that’s when things started to go downhill.

                Stan had begun to try and play with the cars Niall kept lining up. The blonde wasn’t one for playing with others and the more Stand messed up his barrier the more stressed the little boy became. He was confused and scared and he didn’t feel safe and he didn’t know where his daddies were.  He started to cry and shoved the cars away. The babysitter felt confused as he attempted to pick up Niall only to get kicked.

                “shit, Kid it’s alright,” Stan tried to comfort Niall by picking him up again only to have Niall start kicking and screaming like someone was hurting him. He nearly dropped Niall startled by his sudden change in behavior.

                “NO!” Niall screamed bloody murder as Stan finally put him down. Niall, feeling like his chest was going to explode, ran behind the couch digging himself under it as far as he could still crying his little heart out.

                “Nialler, how about a bottle yeah?” He huffed as he walked into the kitchen warming up a bottle. Slowly he convinced Niall to come out from under the couch and settled him into drinking a bottle and watching his favorite movie Finding Nemo.


                A few hours had past when Stan started to feel like something wasn’t right. He stirred on the couch feeling like the house had kicked up a few notches. He looked down and Niall was still sound asleep on the floor his tigers ear in his mouth a barricade of toy cars around his body as if that was going to keep the monsters away. It had taken two hours of fighting and screaming for Niall to fall asleep on the floor and Stan was happy he was asleep. Seeing that Niall was still asleep, he stood up wondering why it felt like something was wrong.

                The boys had fallen asleep upstairs in the guest bed room so Stan came wandering out and immediately stopped in his tracks. Down stairs the whole first floor was covered in Flames, angry red and blue flames like Stan had never seen before. “NIALL!” he screamed running back into the guest bed room. He had to get out. He had to figure out how to get himself and Niall safe.

                Someone screaming his name shook the blonde from his slumber as he was pulled up and Stan did the only thing he could and ran towards the window only to find that the whole outside of the house was covered in flames. “I gotta get you safe,” Stan mumble to himself rushing towards the bathroom he grabbed towels and clothes and quickly barricaded himself and Niall into the bathroom stuffing the clothes between them and the possible fire as he dialed 911 having no idea if he’d make it out of here alive or not.

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